Challenges and Methodologies for Implementing High-Performance Network Processors


Moore’s law has been the guiding principle for

performance and transistor density improvements over the

years. While this is true, in the context of network

processor development, the challenge is multi-faceted to

keep the silicon development on the curve.

This paper describes the challenges for a network

processor implementation in each facet of design. The

network processor designs adopted the following

implementation techniques to manage the design

challenges and the Time-to-Market (TTM) schedule:

· Reuse of Intellectual Property (IP).

· Extensive functional validation.

· High-performance clock architecture and design.

· Streamlined hierarchical physical design flow.

· Efficient and cycle-accurate c-model for

performance simulation.

A case study of implementation on the IXP2400 design is

presented with the above strategies in detail.

The silicon results show that the IXP2400 is a successful

design following the stated methods.

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