Embedded Software Debugging for Intel® Atom™ Processors Problem Set

Debugging and validating operating system software stacks and
applications running on an embedded System on Chip (SoC) can at first
seem confusing and complex. This is mainly due to the multiple different
possible architectures involved and the difference in development host and
target platforms. These cause the debug setup and the debugger behavior to
sometimes be less intuitive than in the simple native development model
most developers are used to. Once you get past this initial hurdle, there are
however many concepts and debug approaches that are quite familiar. The
differences between debugging Intel® Atom™ processor–targeted code and
code written for other architectures are in the details and in the available
tools. They are usually not substantial. The exercises in this article, which
are excerpts from the book Break Away with Intel® Atom ™ Processors:
Architecture Migration Activities, quiz the reader on topics that are covered
extensively in the reference book Break Away with Intel® Atom™
Processors: A Guide to Architecture Migration, and provide hands-on
practice, to strengthen the learning experience and expose the user to an
Intel architecture–centric cross-debug experience. After completing these
exercises the reader should have a better understanding and additional
confidence to embark on cross-debug and software validation on Intel Atom
processor–based SoC designs.

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