Graphics Acceleration for HTML5 and JavaScript Engine JIT Optimization for Mobile Devices

HTML5[1] is considered to be the future of the Web and is expected to deliver
a user experience that is comparable to or better than that found only in
native applications in the past. This does raise significantly higher demand of
performance to sustain the much heavier web applications that manipulate
more and richer contents than ever before. Consequently, the optimization to
the web runtime is extremely important to achieve the success of the platforms,
and in particular, the mobile devices, because their hardware capabilities are
less powerful than PCs.
This article first introduces the challenges caused by HTML5 in terms of
performance. As the rendering engine and JavaScript engine are two key
fundamental building blocks of web runtime, it then discusses our solution
of graphics acceleration and just-in-time (JIT) optimization applied to the
Intel® Atom™[2] platform to dramatically improve the performance of these two
components respectively. The article evaluates the impact of our solutions on
typical HTML5 and JavaScript benchmarks, and the vision of future work is
included as well.

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