Hardware and Software Approaches for Deterministic Multi-processor Replay of Concurrent Programs

As multi-processors become mainstream, software developers must harness the parallelism available in programs to keep up with multi-core performance. Writing parallel programs, however, is notoriously difficult, even for the most advanced programmers. The main reason for this lies in the non-deterministic nature of concurrent programs, which makes it very difficult to reproduce a program execution. As a result, reasoning about program behavior is challenging. For instance, debugging concurrent programs is known to be difficult because of the non-determinism of multi-threaded programs. Malicious code can hide behind non-determinism, making software vulnerabilities much more difficult to detect on multi-threaded programs.

In this article, we explore hardware and software avenues for improving the programmability of Intel multi-processors. In particular, we investigate techniques for reproducing a non-deterministic program execution that can efficiently deal with the issues just mentioned. We identify the main challenges associated with these techniques, examine opportunities to overcome some of these challenges, and explore potential usage models of program execution reproducibility for debugging and fault is tolerance of concurrent programs.

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