How Intel Power Management Works

It is worth noting that the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series-based servers offer the capability to allow the operator to actually set power consumption and trade off the power consumption level against performance. This capability is valuable from two perspectives. First, power capping brings predictable power consumption within the specified power capping range, and second, servers implementing power capping offer actual power readouts as a bonus: their power supplies are PMBus*-enabled and their historical power consumption can be retrieved through standard APIs. With actual historical power data, it is possible to optimize the loading of power limited racks, whereas before the most accurate estimation of power consumption had to be derived from derated nameplate data. The nameplate estimation for power consumption is a static measure that requires allowing a considerable safety margin. This conservative approach to power sizing leads to over-provisioning of power. This was acceptable when energy costs were a second order consideration. Not today anymore.

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