Nike's Software Architecture and Infrastructure: Enabling Integrated Solutions for Gigahertz Designs

This paper describes how Nike’s innovative architecture
addresses the expanding requirements of Intel’s
next-generation processor designs while enabling a design
environment that is more productive than one built
with the previous tool generation.
This paper shows how software architecture and data
modeling techniques are used as core attributes of a
CAD tool suite. We discuss the issues that have influenced
Nike’s architectural direction, such as technology
trends, processor architecture trends, and computing
platform trends. We identify some of the major
drawbacks of existing tool suites and show how Nike
architecture addresses these. Lastly, we describe how
we developed a software infrastructure in order to support
and facilitate the code sharing necessary to implement
the designed architecture. The standard software
development environment is described, including the
tools and methodologies that are uniformly deployed to
all Nike developers.

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