Power Efficiency and Sustainable Information Technology


Energy efficiency in large data centers is already a concern for many businesses because of the high density of energy consumption. Rising energy costs and global environmental concerns have prompted Information Technology (IT) professionals to also take a closer look at client personal computer (PC) energy consumption. Intel researchers interviewed IT professionals about the monitoring and control of client PC energy consumption.


This article describes findings from that study and we discuss how Intel® vPro™ technology can be used to address client PC energy efficiency. Intel vPro technology allows a business to manage energy consumption while ensuring that systems can still be awakened in a reliable, secure manner, allowing energy savings while still providing a high level of operational stability. Both internal Intel pilot studies and an external case study show how Intel vPro technology is already being used to address the client PC energy efficiency challenge. Utilizing Intel powermanagement technologies will pave the way for the active energy-management capabilities that are required to reduce energy consumption in the office computing domain.

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