The Adaptive Enterprise

IT Infrastructure Strategies to Manage, Change, and Enable Growth
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Category: IT Best Practices
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The agile business embraces change rapidly and gracefully. To be ready, the business needs an infrastructure that supports change without disruption or excessive cost. An adaptive infrastructure enables the business to cope with unforeseen circumstances and competitive demands. To build, use, and manage adaptive enterprise solutions, you need an infrastructure planning process that supports new and growing business initiatives. The strategies and processes described in this book will give you clear and practical ways to guide your company through Internet-induced change:

Plan your infrastructure end to end. This book provides a number of successful models to help you plan efficiently and effectively, to show you how to implement an adaptive enterprise infrastructure.
Design an adaptive infrastructure. This book explains the fundamental concepts of adaptive infrastructure and explains how to address the major opportunities and challenges you will face.
Execute a reuse strategy. This book tells you how to identify key infrastructure patterns within your organization, and how to use those patterns to derive reusable adaptive infrastructure services.
Address people, processes, and technology. You can make great technology choices, but without the right people and processes, your technology choices won't bring the success that you expect.
Achieve an optimal balance between immediate needs and long-term goals. You must be able to change what you are doing while you are still doing it. This book shows you how to attain the balance needed to transform while you are performing.

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About the Author(s)

Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson leads META Group's Infrastructure Development Structured Transformation program, working with clients to plan their e-Business and enterprise infrastructure from a pattern perspective. The program's goal is complete repeatable end-to-end infrastructure designs or strategies. His areas of technical specialization include infrastructure impact assessment, directory and security, networking, middleware, and e-Business infrastructure. Before joining META Group in December 1995, he was a senior technology editor at Network Computing Magazine, a director of consulting for a Los Angeles technology consulting firm, and manager of an online services marketing joint venture.

Valentin Sribar

Valentin Sribar is general manager of META Group's Infusion offerings, helping clients adapt their processes and organization to cope with any combination of dramatic business and technology change. Previously, he was a senior consultant with the Technology Services Practice of Ernst & Young, where he developed information technology architectures and network designs.