Applied Virtualization Technology

Usage Models for IT Professionals and Software Developers
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Server and desktop virtualization is one of the more significant technologies to impact computing in the last few years, promising the benefits of infrastructure consolidation, lower costs, increased security, ease of management, and greater employee productivity.

Using virtualization technology, one computer system can operate as multiple "virtual" systems. The convergence of affordable, powerful platforms and robust scalable virtualization solutions is spurring many technologists to examine the broad range of uses for virtualization. In addition, a set of processor and I/O enhancements to Intel server and client platforms, known as Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), can further improve the performance and robustness of current software virtualization solutions.

This book takes a user-centered view and describes virtualization usage models for IT professionals, software developers, and software quality assurance staff. The book helps you plan the introduction of virtualization solutions into your environment and thereby reap the benefits of this emerging technology.

Highlights include:

The challenges of current virtualization solutions
In-depth examination of three software-based virtualization products
Usage models that enable greater IT agility and cost savings
Usage models for enhancing software development and QA environments
Maximizing utilization and increasing flexibility of computing resources
Reaping the security benefits of computer virtualization
Distribution and deployment strategies for virtualization solutions

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About the Author(s)

Michael Jeronimo

Michael Jeronimo has been a software developer, software architect, and is currently the CTO for 3 Leaf Solutions where he leads content and application development. Over his 18-year career, Jeronimo was also a staff software architect for Intel Corporation where he developed concepts and projects for Intel's Digital Home effort, participated in multiple new business start-ups, researched parallel programming models and compilers for parallel dataflow systems, and developed Internet security technology. Jeronimo is co-author of the book UPnP Design by Example.

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell has been a consultant working with Microsoft and Intel® technologies for nearly a decade, specializing in custom application development and solutions for emerging and mainstream technologies. Campbell is the founder and president of Campbell-Solutions. He was also the founder and president of 3 Leaf Solutions and served in various roles in technical training and sales. Campbell has obtained the MCSE, MCDBA, and MCSD credentials in his career and is lead author of two books, 101 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Applications and Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers.