Building Operational Excellence

IT People and Process Best Practices
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Category: IT Best Practices
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Running an effective and efficient IT organization goes beyond just having the right technology in place. IT organizations must have effective ways to meet increased workloads, manage staff levels, and to collaborate more effectively with business units. Building Operational Excellence provides valuable insight for organizing IT people and processes, showing you how to improve end-to-end management of critical resources.

This book guides you through techniques of analysis, assessment, and change management that help create the center of excellence. It also offers techniques for implementing meaningful metrics to drive and demonstrate the business value of IT.

Although you can find many reports and briefs on the topics of infrastructure and operations excellence, this book provides a single source of industry- approved, affordable information.

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About the Author(s)

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen is a vice president of META Group. Before joining META in August 1990, he managed corporate central processing of hardware and software resources at the Hartford Insurance Group, where he was responsible for procurement and strategic planning. During his seventeen-year data-processing career, he has been involved in all aspects of central environment support, including operations, systems programming, performance analysis, rates/chargeback, budgeting, service levels, forecasts, and overall planning.

Dale Kutnick

Dale Kutnick is the cofounder, CEO, and chairman of the board of META group, overseeing all of the company's research and analytical activities. Prior to cofounding META Group in 1989, Mr. Kutnick was executive vice president of research at Gartner Group. Previously, he was executive director and a principal at Yankee Group, and a principal at Battery Ventures, a venture capital firm.