Building a Simple Network, 2nd Edition

How to Set Up a Small Network of Personal Computers
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This practical guide to peer-to-peer networking tells you how to connect a group of computers together in a home or small office, using standard Ethernet or wireless Ethernet products.

With this book as your guide, you can install, set up, and use a network of computers running Windows* XP, Windows* 2000, Windows* Me, Windows* 98, and Windows* 95. You can share drives and printers over the network, even share an Internet connection. You need only moderate experience using Windows, and some experience installing software and hardware products such as a modem.

This clearly written guide tells you what hardware to buy, steps you through installing the hardware and software, offers tips on using the network effectively, and helps you troubleshoot networking problems. Then, it points you toward new technology for expanding the network as your needs grow. If you are the de facto computer expert in the office, this book's for you.

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About the Author(s)

Ken Denniston

Ken Denniston makes network products easy to use. In his nine years at Intel Corporation, he has written product documentation, designed user interfaces, and conducted usability studies for networking products, including print servers and other network products for small-business. He currently designs software and product documentation for wired and wireless network adapters.