Designing Embedded Networking Applications

Essential Insights for Developers of Intel® IXP4XX Network Processor Systems
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Written by senior Intel engineers who have been centrally involved in the architecture of the Intel® IXP4XX product line since its inception, this book helps developers get their designs into production quickly. The authors address the software engineer's frequently asked questions:

How do I get the most from the Intel® IXP400 Software release?
What software changes do I make to port from the Intel® IXDP425 development platform to my Intel® IXP4XX network processor-based hardware?
How do I optimize my application to run on the Intel IXP4XX network processors?
What are the target applications for the Intel IXP4XX network processors, and what building blocks can I apply for my application?
How do I select the right member of the Intel IXP4XX product line for my specific application?

The clear, straight-forward explanation of tried-and-true methods helps you get your product through design and performance optimization quickly and efficiently. With specific tuning tips for systems with Intel XScale® technology and Intel IXP4XX network processors, you can take full advantage of the processor's features to optimize your application and unleash the full power of the Intel XScale core.

"This book is a must-read for anyone doing a design using the IXP425 processor. It's as practical as it is insightful. I recommend it."

Steve Yates, President and CTO, ADI Engineering

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About the Author(s)

Peter Barry and Gerard Hartnett

Peter Barry and Gerard Hartnett are senior Intel engineers who have been at the center of Intel® IXP4XX product line architecture since the beginning and who work closely with customers and third-party developers to help them get their designs into production. Gerard is an expert in embedded software, especially for the embedded operating system kernels used in Intel's low-to-mid range network processors, and in their application to a variety of areas. Peter is a system architect with highly developed expertise in embedded communication systems, protocols, and the like. Both have been leaders in the design of Intel® network processor platforms and are regularly sought out for their expert guidance on network components.