Designing High-Performance Networking Applications

Essential Insights for Developers of IXP2XXX Network Processor-based Systems
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For software architects and engineers at networking companies, this book explains the framework for developing data plane applications for the Intel® IXP2XXX product line of network processors. From comprehensive descriptions of applications in various target market segments, you learn effective ways to employ the Intel IXP2XXX product line of network processors in your design for network processor applications. Each case study shows you how to do the detailed performance analysis and decide associated design trade-offs.

This nuts-and-bolts explanation of best known methods shows you how to build software applications on the Intel IXP2XXX product line of network processors. Many adopters of this new technology struggle with performance analysis and software reuse for network applications, so the book shows you how to get the most benefit from field-tested methods of analysis and reuse. It shows you how to use the microblock framework to build specifically targeted data plane applications and how to use performance analysis methodology to estimate the performance of an application before you build it.

"With the market for Intel Network Processors growing fast, engineers are challenged to determine how best to leverage the technology for their designs. This book really helps engineers gain insight into new network processors and how best to utilize them."

Barry Buxton, Technical Manager EMEA, RadiSys Corporation

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About the Author(s)

Uday R. Naik and Prashant R. Chandra

As senior architects for Intel's network processor group, Uday R. Naik and Prashant R. Chandra play a key role in the development of IXP software framework and applications. Lending their extensive experience to customers' design efforts, they work with Intel customers on network applications design for the Intel IXP2XXX product line of network processors.