Designing High-Speed Interconnect Circuits

Advanced Signal Integrity Methods for Engineers
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Personal computer data rates have already climbed into the multi-Gigahertz frequency range that requires microwave design techniques for interconnect circuitry. Have your design skills kept pace? Most digital designers were trained in an era when you could use idealized models to simplify circuitry design. The very high speeds demanded for today's computers negate the benefits and applicability of those idealizations, thereby threatening a generation of designers with obsolesce. Microwave design uses a new vocabulary; both the words and the concepts are often unfamiliar to digital designers. This book provides sorely needed information that is both appropriate to the 21st century PC industry and explained in terms digital designers understand.

Written for the experienced engineer who is responsible for signal integrity, Designing High-Speed Interconnect Circuits provides you with the skills to cope with high-speed technologies, such as PCI Express. This introduction to the properties, mathematics, and methods helps you understand the concepts behind the buzzwords and bootstrap yourself into the world of microwave frequency circuit design.

"This book is unique. Dennis Miller delivers practical information about the mathematics behind transmission lines, modeling, testing techniques, and test equipment. If you're new to the frequency domain, do yourself a favor and study these pages."

Jay Diepenbrock, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

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About the Author(s)

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller has worked in the electronics industry since 1963 - ten years as a technician, followed by thirty as an engineer. His early engineering interests and education centered on control-theory and numerical analysis. An Intel employee since 1991, he was instrumental in the development of Infiniband† technology and similar high-speed signaling designs. Currently, his focus on numerical analysis provides signal integrity for some of Intel Corporation's fastest circuitry.