Dynamics of a Trusted Platform

A building block approach
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Security threats are increasing in volume, diversity, and sophistication at the same time that high-value, sensitive data is more commonly being generated, used, and stored on standard business PCs. While the traditional focus of network protection has been on servers and network access devices, these PCs are typically lightly protected, coupled with the fact that a compromised PC may offer the means to obtain access to servers and other network assets, these characteristics have created an incentive for hackers to focus their efforts on client computing platforms.

In Dynamics of a Trusted Platform David Grawrock has updated his highly popular Intel Safer Computing Initiative with new topics covering the latest developments in secure computing. The reader is introduced to the concept of Trusted Computing and the building block approach to designing security into PC platforms. The Intel® Trusted Execution Technology† (Intel® TXT) is one of those building blocks that can be used to create a trusted platform by integrating new security features and capabilities into the processor, chipset, and other platform components.

"The opportunity now exists to start building trusted systems, making this book very timely. It would be foolhardy to start without a thorough understanding of the concepts; and this is what Dynamics of a Trusted Platform gives you. The building blocks described here are certainly able to imbue the infrastructure with a higher level of trustworthiness, and we may all look forward to the many benefits flowing from that."

Andrew Martin Director, Master's in Software and Systems Security Oxford University Software Engineering Centre

"David finds analogies in everyday life to clearly explain many of the concepts in this book. I would highly recommended Dynamics of a Trusted Platform for researchers, architects, and designers who are serious about trusted computing."

Dr. Sigrid Gürgens Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT)

"The chapters on Anatomy of an Attack and System Protection present useful, practical information that will help familiarize a person with the impacts of protection (or lack thereof) of system components and resources. Treatment of the topic of measurement is particularly useful for system designers and programmers."

Amy C Nelson Advanced Engineer Security Devices, Business Client Products Dell, Inc

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About the Author(s)

David Grawrock

David Grawrock is a Senior Principal Engineer and Security Architect at Intel. He serves as Chair of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Platform Module work group and is the Intel representative to the TCG Technical Committee. With 29 years in the computer industry, David holds 10 patents, and has held lead technical positions with Central Point Software, Symantec†, and Lotus Development Corporation.