High Definition Audio for the Digital Home

Now Updated for Win 7 and Mac OSX with new WHQL testing
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The personal computer is evolving to become an integral component of the digital home. Essential to assuming this new role will be the ability to deliver high-fidelity audio that is equivalent to home entertainment system audio. High Definition Audio for the Digital Home provides hardware and software developers a wealth of insight into all aspects of personal computer high definition audio subsystem design. From the critical considerations related to circuit board layout to overcoming challenges of audio latency, this book tells you how to specify and build each portion of a personal computer high definition audio subsystem.

Highlights include:

Key concepts for successful design and implementation of high definition audio based on personal computer hardware and software technologies.
Complete signal path view with hardware and software layouts to understand how signals pass through the system and how control is handled.
Intel® High Definition Audio specification examination and explanation.
Unique challenges presented by laptop computers.
Balancing usability, cost and audio performance.
The challenges presented by digital rights management, security and copy protection.
Performance characterization and certification of high definition audio designs.
Fundamentals of audio design, audio interfaces, surround sound and signal processing.
Numerous examples of potential problem areas with detailed design guidelines for maintaining audio quality from start to finish.

Special Web only update is now available for customers of the book.

This update consists of three chapters.  New material is added to Chapter 4 covering recent updates to the High Definition Audio Specification version 1.0a, which was released June 17, 2010.

Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 stand on their own and are new content. Chapter 12 discusses audio support for Windows 7 and for Mac OS†X, while Chapter 13 goes into detail on how to run the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) logo testing that is required for systems that support Windows 7

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About the Author(s)

David Roach

David Roach has over 20 years of PC audio design experience, having participated in the development of the first real-time MIDI synthesizers for the Macintosh and Intel x-86 architectures, first PC-based physical modeling waveguide synthesizer for Creative Labs and leading development for the Jabra Earphone™. Mr. Roach is currently a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for PC Audio applications at SigmaTel.

Scott Janus

Scott Janus has been a senior engineer on numerous hardware and software MPEG projects and currently contributes to the development and launch of Intel's graphics chip sets. He is also the author of Video in the 21st Century.

Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones has over 30 years of engineering experience in professional audio product development and audio test and measurement applications gained from the company he founded, Amber, and with Audio Precision. Mr. Jones has served on standards committees for the Audio Engineering Society, Consumer Electronics Association and International Electrotechnical Committee. He was author of the revised AES-6id for PC Audio testing and has authored many articles and application notes on audio measurement topics.