Infiniband* Architecture Development and Deployment

A Strategic Guide to Server I/O Solutions
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This book is the first to interpret the InfiniBand specification as it applies to high-performance, inter-system I/O. From it, you get the knowledge and insight necessary to develop innovative solutions for system I/O and inter-process communication. The author guides you through the architecture, illustrating ways that you can implement and deploy InfiniBand-based products to relieve I/O bottlenecks.

InfiniBand* Architecture Development and Deployment is for developers of software applications and server peripheral hardware as well as for senior Information Technology managers charged with data center management or planning for projects and capital equipment.

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About the Author(s)

William Futral

Bill Futral is a senior staff architect in the Digital Enterprise Group at Intel Corporation. In his 20 years with the company, he has played significant roles in the introduction of emerging technologies such as Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT), virtualization, Intelligent I/O (I2O), InfiniBand and other major initiatives for network & I/O acceleration.