Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture & Applications

A Practical Guide to Intel's Network Processors
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The network processors included in Intel® IXA family offer developers unparalleled performance in a programmable engine. And now, engineers can prepare themselves to get the most out of their Intel® IXA-based designs by reading this comprehensive book focused on the newly introduced Intel IXP2400 and Intel IXP2800 network processors.

If you are writing network software or you are designing a circuit board or a field programmable gate array (FPGA), this invaluable resource will help you to accelerate development and improve product quality. Professionals who work in support, management, sales, or marketing for such products will find the information highly useful for keeping pace with these rapidly developing product areas.

Inside you will learn about the internal and external architecture of the Intel IXP2400 and Intel IXP2800 network processors. Specifically, the author describes:

Performance estimation techniques.
Multiprocessing and multithreading techniques to maximize performance.
Ways of mapping tasks to multiple microengines using Hyper Task Chaining or Pool of Threads programming models.
How the integrated software programming framework supports modular and portable software applications.

"Engineers should read this book, then use it for a reference to streamline the coding process."

Douglas A. Palmer, PhD

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About the Author(s)

Bill Carlson

Bill Carlson a ten-year veteran of the Intel, has been a Field Application Engineer dedicated to the Intel's network processors since their introduction. In his current position, Bill works intimately with leading edge customers designing systems based upon the second-generation Intel IXP2XXX product line.