Making the Product Development FrameWORK

Insights from the Frontlines
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Making the Product Development FrameWORK chronicles the implementation of a product life cycle (PLC) from the mid-nineties though 2010 in the product development environment. The Intel experience is the basis for the story, but not the point. This story is about how a PLC can be implemented and evolved and is told anecdotally by the people on the frontlines who actually develop products and support product development.

“Making the Product Development FrameWORK provides a solid dose of sound advice woven throughout the book, making it a must-read for individuals responsible for the definition, management, execution, and continuous improvement of their organization’s end-to-end product life cycle.”


Peter A. Bilello, President, CIMdata

“This is astimulating examination of what works and what doesn’t when designing and applying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methodology to a high-tech/semiconductor environment.


Joe Dury, Senior Manager, Semiconductor Practice Leader, Kalypso

“If you’re serious about learning the secrets of using the product development process as a competitive edge for your business, then this book will show you how to connect PLC programs to the money decisions and strategic goals.”


Oleg Shilovitsky, Author of Beyond PLM blog.

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About the Author(s)

C.R. “Chris” Galluzzo

C.R. “Chris” Galluzzo is a frequent lecturer at graduate schools in Oregon and a regular presenter at management conferences. He is a 32-year veteran of Intel Corporation; having spent many years as the manufacturing manager of the Super Computer Systems Division, he is currently the manager of Key Initiatives, where he continues to lead the PLC initiative

Deanna Bolton

Deanna Bolton was the program manager of Intel’s corporate Product and Platform Life Cycles at Intel Corporation. Before retiring from Intel in early 2011 she worked in engineering change management, quality, and life cycle methodologies. She has been guest presenter at Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) and has presented papers on life cycles at many conferences.