Managing Information Technology for Business Value

Practical Strategies for IT and Business Managers
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Managing Information Technology for Business Value is Martin Curley's call for IT and business managers to reformulate the way they manage IT. Traditionally, IT success has been measured in terms of IT parameters such as up time, capacity, and processing speed.

It is Curley's contention that if IT is to deliver business value, IT should be measured in core business terms—for example, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability.

At a time when some corporations are reducing IT spending and once again looking at IT as a cost center, Martin Curley's Managing Information Technology for Business Value provides a necessary and timely counterbalance.

"Curley's book is required reading for all IT execs. Ignore this book at your peril."

Professor Paul Tallon, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

"Curley shines a light on the path ahead for ambitious users of IT. If you have any impact on how IT gets used in your organization, you owe it to your shareholders to read this book. It will impact your bottom line!"

John Fleming, CEO, Enzo Consulting

"Martin Curley is a valued member of two very different communities—one populated by theorists who invent better methods to manage enterprises and the other populated by practitioners who put these methods to use."

Jeanne Ross, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research

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About the Author(s)

Martin Curley

Martin Curley is Global Director of IT Innovation and Research at Intel Corporation. Martin drives the development and adoption of emerging technologies and IT business practices in support of new business solutions.

Martin has held senior IT and engineering positions at General Electric in Ireland and Philips in the Netherlands. At Intel, Martin has served as Director of IT Strategy and Technology, and Fab14 Automation Manager based in Dublin, Ireland.