Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology

Practical Strategies for IT and Business Managers
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In today's fast moving competitive business environment, companies increasingly demand that IT investments demonstrate business value through measurable results. David Sward directly addresses this challenge in his book Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology.

Intended for IT professionals and consultants as well as business managers, this book covers one of the most important strategies any company can establish to help manage IT in the coming years. Namely, the creation of an IT Business Value Program to execute systematic customer focused approaches to determine the business value for any IT investment an organization may make.

Expanding on concepts offered in Martin Curley's Managing IT for Business Value, and linking business value programs with CMF frameworks, Sward explains how business value programs are established; measured; maintained; and governed; providing a blueprint for evaluating IT investments and equipping the reader with the tools required for success.

Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology is a rich collection of methodology, processes, metrics, supported with examples from IT@Intel and other IT organizations.

Based on financial concepts and drawing on his background as a human factors engineer, Sward makes the case that the process of establishing and running a business value program can ultimately create a new mindset for IT professionals. While Sward recognizes this will not happen overnight, he believes it serves to instill a belief that an organization can and will create a competitive advantage and increase shareholder value not by just deploying information technology, but by deploying the right information technology by linking IT to corporate objectives and focusing all efforts on the requirements of the end user.

"David Sward explains the why's, what's, and how's of IT value measurement, presents an intuitively appealing vocabulary, and offers an impressive portfolio of instruments to manage IT investments to produce measured business value. Sward's Measuring the Business Value of IT should be required reading for all managers involved in innovating business processes enabled by IT."

Lars Mathiassen, Professor, Computer Information Systems, Center for Process Innovation, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

"David Sward shows how to tie investment in information technology to a firm's bottom line. Sward's approach emphasizes the importance of collecting empirical evidence to evaluate return on IT investments in dollar terms."

Roger Schvaneveldt, Director of Applied Psychology, Arizona State University Polytechnic

"Sward's book is at its best in describing twin ideas—urging IT professionals to concentrate on user-centric projects rather than technology-centric products, and grounding projects in metric terms, both for anticipated and measured results. Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology should be required reading for IT project managers before staffing their next project."

Charles House, Director, Societal Impact of Technology, Intel Corporation

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About the Author(s)

David Sward

David Sward is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Intel Corporation, driving development and adoption of human-centered approaches to the design of new business solutions. David has established and managed cross-disciplinary groups that apply human-centered principles to the design and development of products and services. He helped develop and manage the IT Business Value Program within Intel's IT organization. David has worked in the field of Human Factors Engineering since 1991 and is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Applied Psychology program at Arizona State University Polytechnic; teaching classes in Human Factors Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction.