Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology

How to Write Multithreaded Software for Intel® IA-32 Processors
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Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology by Richard Gerber and Andrew Binstock helps software developers write high-performance multithreaded code while avoiding the common parallel programming issues that usually plague threaded programs.

This book highlights how software developers can use Hyper-Threading Technology to maximize processor throughput, efficiency, and parallelism. It is a practical, hands-on volume with immediately usable code examples that enable readers to quickly master the necessary building blocks.

Hyper-Threading Technology allows one physical processor to execute the instructions of multiple threads simultaneously, making the processor appear as two processors to the operating system. Likewise, Hyper-Threading Technology also enables a single processor to run two different programs at the same time without the delay of switching between them.

The companion CD-ROM contains threading and optimization tools, code samples, and extensive technical documentation on Hyper-Threading Technology.

"... comprehensive and filled with illustrative examples about parallel programming."

Oleksiy Danikhno, Development Director, A4Vision, Inc.

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About the Author(s)

Andrew Binstock

Andrew Binstock is the principal analyst at Pacific Data Works and the middleware columnist for SD Times. Previously, he was a senior technology manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where he oversaw the technology forecasting for the firm's clients and was editor in chief of UNIX Review. He is also author of Practical Algorithms for Programmers.

Richard Gerber

Has worked on numerous multimedia projects, 3D libraries, and computer games for Intel. As a software engineer, he worked on the Intel VTune™ Performance Analyzer and led training sessions on optimization techniques. He is the author of The Software Optimization Cookbook.