Programming with Intel® Wireless MMX™ Technology

A Developer's Guide to Mobile Multimedia Applications
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Category: Programming
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Intel® Wireless MMX™ technology is the latest high-performance, low-power, seamless extension to the Intel XScale® microarchitecture. Intel Wireless MMX technology offers developers a powerful set of new instructions that enhance the multimedia capability of Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) based mobile devices.

Programming with Intel Wireless MMX Technology shows software developers how to incorporate Intel Wireless MMX technology into mobile and handheld applications. Along with complete information about the instruction set, the book provides an overview of the tools that ease application development.

Expert authors deliver sound advice on optimizing applications, porting code from the desktop, and implementing algorithmic techniques that have been proven to yield the best performance.

Examples of the key algorithms used in mobile multimedia applications are included:

Video compression
2D and 3D graphics
Image processing

The companion CD-ROM contains all code samples presented in the book, additional technical documentation, and evaluation versions of Intel® Software Development Products.

"The timing of this book is perfect and covers the right mix of topics along with step-by-step code examples for real-world applications."

Eric Hyche, Software Development Engineer, RealNetworks, Inc.

"Great insight! You can't affort not to buy this book."

Tarundeep Singh Kalra, Senior Software Engineer, GRIC Communications, Inc.

"A fantastic book that covers all topics developers need in order to use this technology. I will definitely recommend this book to my peers."

David Brittain, Swerve Client Integration Manager, Superscape

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About the Author(s)

Bradley Aldrich

Bradley Aldrich is a leading authority at Intel Corporation on image and video processing. He has over 10 years experience in the development of advance multi-media algorithms and DSP architectures.

Moinul Khan

Moinul Khan is a multimedia architect at Intel Corporation. He plays a key role in defining mobile multimedia graphics and security architectures for Intel PCA processors. His research includes virtual prototyping, performance analysis, signal processing architecture, and wireless communication devices.

Nigel Paver

Nigel Paver is the architect and design manager for Wireless MMX technology at Intel Corporation. He has over 13 years of low power microprocessor architecture experience and holds a PhD and MSc in computer science from the University of Manchester.