Radical Flux

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Radical Flux is grounded in the social and cultural lives of real people and is about the possibilities of new and exciting ways to live built on potential Intel technologies. It does not stand alone; it needs everyone's engagement, curiosity and hope to realize the potential. Radical Flux is a series of short articles that are distinct, but related. Each article presents an element of radical flux and is grouped under four themes:  Business in Flux, Values in Flux, Things in Flux, and Movements in Flux. Radical Flux shows how the high technology industry has the opportunity to provide technologies that will enable greater access to information, to form new kinds of relationships, to foster new forms of social organization, to witness tremendous shifts in power, and to enable the creation of not just wealth, but genuine value. It is a must-read for those who want to transform their business to take advantage of changes in the environment.

Technical Articles:

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About the Author(s)

Tony Salvador

Dr. Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer, currently directs research in
the Experience Insights Lab within Intel Corporation. His team's role is
to identify new, strategic opportunities for technology based on an understanding
of fluctuating, global socio-cultural values.

Tony leads a team of social scientists and business analysts to look for,
find, and develop viable opportunities to create local, sustainable value
with new high tech products, services and infrastructures. His ongoing
research interests concern disruptive innovation practice, market development,
and new market creation with an ethnographic perspective.