The Future of Entertainment, Computing, and the Devices We Love
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Screen Future is a technical book about people, technology, and the economics that are shaping and the evolution of entertainment. Blending social and computer sciences, the book provides a vision for what happens after convergence and what we need to do to get there.

Screen Future explores the gargantuan unanswered questions lurking in the shadows of this future hype and buzz: What do consumers really want? As these devices hit Main Street, what are the real world implications for bringing about the future of TV across multiple platforms? As the experience of watching television permeates all of Intel devices how will it be delivered and paid for? Pulling from global consumer research, Screen Future explores in concrete terms what real people actually want from the future of TVs and how the entertainment and technology industries might bring this vision to market in a way that works for all players involved.

"Screen Future is a must-read for anyone trying to make sense of the rapidly changing world of television and screen media. Johnson's vantage point at the intersection of technology and design gives him a unique perspective on this change. He thoughtfully blends business and pure technology with insights from such luminaries as Henry Jenkins and David Poltrack, making for both interesting reading and a meaningful story. Johnson analyzes what TV has become, helps us see where it is going and takes a hard look at the components of media that are transparent to the consumer without forgetting the ultimate goal of entertainment: to entertain."

Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer, Schematic

"Brian David Johnson's Screen Future is a fascinating and engaging book that is both visionary and pragmatic. Johnson adeptly explores the future of entertainment, TV and consumer electronic devices while remaining firmly grounded in business and economic realities. With a strong grasp on what consumers really want, he has given us not only a view of where our industries are headed but also what we will have to do to get there."

John Slack-Smith, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Harvey Norman Holdings Limited

"If there is any roadmap to the future in our fast changing business, this is it. Brian David Johnson's well researched and well presented book gives us a look at the critical parts of the media ecosystem and how we can understand and adapt. It's a terrific resource."

George Schweitzer, CMO/President, CBS Marketing Group

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About the Author(s)

Brian David Johnson

The future is Brian David Johnson's business. As a Consumer Experience Architect he develops future products for Intel Corporation, a global microprocessor manufacturer.