Securing Business Information

Strategies to Protect the Enterprise and Its Network
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Category: IT Best Practices
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Securing Business Information: Strategies to Protect the Enterprise and Its Network provides an approach to security that is derived from numerous successful implementations. The Enterprise Security Plan (ESP) is a six-step process for tailoring enterprise security techniques to the needs of your business.

This book will guide you through these steps to secure your computing infrastructure within the constraints of normal business operations, resources, and today's technology:

Prepare the enterprise, starting with the staff and their roles
Organize a group of security domains and assess the tolerable amount of risk for each
Complete a baseline security analysis and derive a set of guiding policies
Determine how security policies are being enforced throughout the enterprise
Identify gaps and set priorities
Plan the projects to implement an appropriately secure enterprise

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About the Author(s)

Dale Kutnick

Dale Kutnick is the cofounder, CEO, and chairman of the board of META group, overseeing all of the company's research and analytical activities. Prior to cofounding META Group in 1989, Mr. Kutnick was executive vice president of research at Gartner Group. Previously, he was executive director and a principal at Yankee Group, and a principal at Battery Ventures, a venture capital firm.

F. Christian Byrnes

F. Christian Byrnes leads Meta Group's security coverage. He is the author of Security in Enterprise Computing: A Practical Guide. In recognition of his expertise in intellectual property concerns, he was appointed to the US Congress advisory committee that produced an extensive report to guide congress in planning future laws. Mr. Byrnes was CEO at Centrax Corporation, a security software vendor acquired by CyberSafe.