Security Battleground

An Executive Field Manual
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Category: IT Best Practices

Security has evolved from a tactical IT concern to boardroom-level dilemma. This transition has challenged many executives who are now obligated to protect their organization's critical assets. Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual provides guidance to any executive who find themselves shouldering oversight responsibility for information security. The Security Battleground team-of-authors designed this book to provide practical advice for security-obligated executives, that is, for business executives with or without formal backgrounds in security processes or technologies.

Security Battleground provides ways in which executives can evaluate information security with a mix of examples, exercises, and lessons learned. The case studies and exercises are based on the authors' extensive hands-on experience with security-obligated executives, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and members of security teams.

"Refreshing! Finally a playbook that moves beyond the technical security stalemate by providing a strategic map for partnering, prioritizing and funding a successful security campaign. Security Battleground is the comprehensive field guide for assessing the full landscape and fighting the right battles."

- Denise Wood, CVP & Chief Information Security Officer, FedEx Corporation

"Having worked with this team for years, I believe that sharing their experiences in this format can help executives succeed. This book speaks to the current pressures and challenges that executives face in dealing with security. It takes a practical approach that balances a strong security posture with a viable business strategy. Security Battleground reaffirms my own belief that security planning must be based on a thorough understanding of the business to be effective."

- Gene Fredriksen, CISO, Tyco

"The Security Battleground authors have amassed years of experience as trusted advisors for CSOs and CISOs around the globe. The result is a goldmine of knowledge for non-technical executives who have an obligation to ensure corporate security."  

- Brett Wahlin, CSO, Sony

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About the Author(s)

Bradon Rogers

Bradon Rogers is Vice President of Worldwide Technical Operations at McAfee. In this role, Bradon is responsible for worldwide operations for the McAfee global field engineering organization.

Prior to joining McAfee, he managed the worldwide field engineering team at Secure Computing prior to its acquisition by McAfee in 2008. Before Secure Computing, he joined the founding team of security startup, CipherTrust, where he managed the field engineering team and was engaged in corporate strategy, field technical sales, strategic customer engagement, and security threat research. He also held various field and product engineering roles at Oracle, Lancope, and Group 8760 before joining CipherTrust.

Brian Kenyon

Brian Kenyon is Senior Director of Solution Architecture at McAfee, where he is responsible for leading an engineering organization focused on developing comprehensive security and compliance. Prior to McAfee, Brian was chief architect at Foundstone and was instrumental in designing and developing the company's solutions and product service line. Brian is lead author of Security Sage's Guide to Hardening the Network Infrastructure, and contributing author of network architecture for Special Ops: Network and Host Security for Microsoft, Oracle, and UNIX.

Charles Ross

Charles Ross is the Vice President of North America Technical Operations at McAfee and plays a key role in assisting customers and partners with security strategies that will help them achieve their critical security and business initiatives. Prior to McAfee, Charles served as security consultant for Deloitte & Touche, consulting with Fortune 500 companies to assess, develop, and implement world-class security programs. Charles is a frequent speaker on security topics and holds multiple patents in the areas of information security assessment and optimization.

Kevin T Reardon

Kevin T. Reardon is the Senior Director of Worldwide Value Consulting for McAfee. During his 17 years in the IT security field, he has worked with product delivery and implementation teams at McAfee and was vice president of operations and compliance strategy at Preventsys.

An expert on policy frameworks for a variety of industries and sectors, Kevin has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on designing and implementing programs, strategies, and training for security systems and processes. He has also contributed to several key publications on the topic of Microsoft Windows security.

Michael Fey

Michael Fey is Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology and Field Engineering at McAfee, responsible for leading McAfee's worldwide technical go-to-market strategy. In this role he leads a global organization responsible for collaborating with customers and prospects to define, design, and implement strategic security technologies. Michael also provides oversight of new acquisitions for the McAfee corporate market segment. Before McAfee, he held multiple technical management positions at Opsware and Mercury Interactive.