Serial ATA Storage Architecture & Applications

Designing High-Performance, Low Cost I/O Solutions
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Today, hard disk drives for desktop PCs, laptops, servers, and storage appliances use either Parallel ATA or SCSI interconnect technology. Serial ATA is the new storage interconnect standard for these systems. Computer engineers and architects who plan to incorporate Serial ATA in new products must answer questions such as: "Why make the change? What problems does Serial ATA solve for me? How do I transition from Parallel ATA to Serial ATA and from SCSI to Serial ATA?" This book helps you answer these questions.

If you are a systems engineer, product architect, or product line manager, you could be asked to contribute to the planning process for a transition to Serial ATA. This book provides you with reliable information, in sufficient technical depth to help you implement the Serial ATA specifications.

Topics include PHY signaling and interface states, protocol encoding, programming model, flow control, performance, compatibility with legacy systems, enclosure management, signal routing, hot-plug, presence detection, activity indication, power management, and cable/connector standards.

Serial ATA Storage Architecture and Applications brings you authoritative insights on:

The goals driving Serial ATA standard development
The advantages of Serial ATA adoption for OEMs, IHVs, and end-users
Capabilities defined by the Serial ATA 1.0 and Serial ATA II standards, with "under the covers" explanations of how Serial ATA works
Performance and reliability characteristics of Serial ATA
Hands-on, how-to designs for building real-world systems that use Serial ATA

"If you're designing products based upon Serial ATA, you've got to read this book. I recommend it to all my peers at Hitachi."

Frank Chu, Senior Engineer, Hitachi Global Storage

"I'm on the hook to help enable Serial ATA for my company. This book gives me the edge I need to succeed." "Have any question about why Serial ATA is the right choice for the future? Read this book. It's all in there."

Jit Lim, Senior Technologist, Tektronix

"Serial ATA is a promising technology for the storage industry, and companies like Intel and Dell will continue to drive it towards standardization. This book serves as a valuable supplement to the specification by providing explanations and insights into the underlying technology that help ease design and implementation."

Rhonda Gass, Vice President, Dell Storage Systems Development, Dell

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About the Author(s)

Hubbert Smith

Hubbert Smith is a Program Manager with Intel's Platform Networking Group, where he specializes in producing Serial ATA-related building blocks. He currently serves as the chairman of the Serial ATA II cable/connector focus group and has contributed many of the Serial ATA II Use Cases. Hubbert has more than 15 years professional experience with technology related to servers and storage.

Knut Grimsrud

Knut Grimsrud is the Intel principal engineer for definition of Serial ATA 1.0 and Serial ATA II. He was the technical working group chairman during the Serial ATA 1.0 definition effort and continues to be Intel's technical lead for ongoing Serial ATA definition work. Knut holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering. During his nine years with Intel, Knut has led design work on storage architecture and performance in both the server and the desktop market segments.