UPnP Design by Example

A Software Designer's Guide to Universal Plug and Play
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Category: Programming
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Networked devices should be as easy for consumers to set up as stereo equipment-when you plug it in and turn it on, it "just works". Universal Plug and Play technology can make this happen. This book is primarily a resource for software developers who are implementing UPnP technology in their products. It also provides a great introduction for those who are new to the technology.

Traditionally, network peripherals have not been easy to install. Recent standards such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Plug-and-Play have improved the situation so that devices are automatically detected and device drivers automatically installed. Yet, networked devices, like Internet gateways and networked printers, still require manual setup and configuration.

If you are a software developer who is already familiar with basic network programming concepts and protocols, UPnP* Design by Example provides everything you need to know to design UPnP technology into your product.

In this book, you will discover:

Basic UPnP concepts such as control points, devices, and services
Protocols that form the foundation of the UPnP architecture
An example of how to develop a UPnP device from start to finish
The latest topics, such as UPnP Audio/Video and Simple Control Protocol (SCP)

The CD-ROM contains:


C-language code for all examples presented in the book
Complete UPnP specifications and related documents
The Intel SDK for UPnP Devices for Linux, including source code and binaries
Tools to view and interact with any UPnP device, to monitor UPnP protocols, and to generate XML device descriptions

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About the Author(s)

Jack Weast

Jack Weast is a senior software engineer at Intel Corporation and leads the development of UPnP-based devices for media distribution within the "Digital Home." Jack's work has ranged from solving laptop power management and mobility issues to developing Bluetooth* and Intel® XScale™-based embedded Linux devices. As a developer involved with emerging technologies that extend the PC's role in the home, Jack has spoken at a variety of events, including the Intel Developer Forum.

Michael Jeronimo

Michael Jeronimo has been a software developer, software architect, and is currently the CTO for 3 Leaf Solutions where he leads content and application development. Over his 18-year career, Jeronimo was also a staff software architect for Intel Corporation where he developed concepts and projects for Intel's Digital Home effort, participated in multiple new business start-ups, researched parallel programming models and compilers for parallel dataflow systems, and developed Internet security technology. Jeronimo is co-author of the book UPnP Design by Example.