USB Design by Example, 2nd Edition

A Practical Guide to Building I/O Devices
Book Type: Intel Press Books

This unique guide goes beyond all the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification overviews to provide you with the expert knowledge and skills you need to design and implement USB I/O devices. It is organized around a series of fully documented, real-world examples, and is structured to serve as both a step-by-step guide for creating specific devices and a complete reference to USB. Design examples cover most USB classes (HID, communications, audio, mass-storage and hub) and provide insights into high-speed USB 2.0 devices, including a device driver for a vendor class called blockio.

Intel insider John Hyde:

Provides examples, complete with schematics and source code, that gradually increase in complexity
Describes many vendor solutions and shows how to pick the ones best suited to your project needs
Explains how to design a vast array of devices, including data acquisition, audio, video and computer-telephony examples

The CD-ROM contains:


Source code and project files for all the examples in the book (PC Host and I/O device)
Evaluation versions of design and debug tools
The USB specification and supporting class and test documents
Categorized links to other USB solution suppliers
Technical Articles:

"Excellent, clear facts. The USB 2.0 book just saved us a lot of time and effort - I can't imagine what I would have done if that book hadn't been available - it was just right."

Chris Gadke, Design Engineer, Tektronix

"We have used this book extensively to help us produce several USB devices. John Hyde's insights are invaluable and he expresses them clearly. A must have book."

George T. Frueh Software Engineer Educational Computer Company, Inc.

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About the Author(s)

John Hyde

John Hyde is a twenty-three year veteran of Intel, where he has held multiple technical marketing and evangelist roles, and is responsible for creating and delivering technical training materials.