Using IXP2400/2800 Development Tools

A Hands-on Approach to Network Processor Software Design
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For any member of the networking application development team, Using IXP2400/2800 Development Tools shows you how to use these tools in a real-world project environment. Addressing the specific concerns of the software architect, the high-level language programmer, the network driver programmer, and the software test engineer this hands on approach helps you work smarter from the start and makes your work easier. Project technical leaders and managers gain a better understanding the work and the methods of various engineers on their project.

If you are looking for a solid introduction to effective, proven ways to use current network processor technology, especially Intel's IXP2XXX family of network processors, the toolkit guides you through the entire development process. Each section of the book targets tools and practices for a specific member of the development team. From Intel's leading expert, you gain insight into cutting-edge methods of:

Partitioning to meet line rate requirements
Providing sufficient memory for data structures
Implementing packet-processing with the C compiler
Writing receive and transmit driver blocks with the assembler
Debugging partially completed code under the simulator
Tracing errors to their cause through packet-centric debugging

"I would give this book to anyone who faces their first project with the IXP2xxx, or to engineers with IXP1200 experience who are moving to the IXP2xxx. For them, it's invaluable."

Waqar Chaudhry, Senior Software Engineer Consultant, Symbol Technology

"This book is very complete. We have a design in process using the IXP2400, and our engineers who are writing the code to make it dance could really have used Hooper's text!"

Bruce Crozier, Force Computers Inc.

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About the Author(s)

Donald F. Hooper

Donald F. Hooper was the originator of the development toolkit for Intel's network processor products. He was the lead developer of the original Intel IXP1200 tool development. As the software architect for the Intel IXP1200 and Intel IXP2XXX processors, he created the early reference design examples for Intel's network processor product lines. As architect for the tools group, his current focus is developing key new features for packet-centric debugging. Don has done pioneering work with tools for over 20 years. He developed a logic synthesis CAD tool that was used in the development of high-end VAX computer for Digital Equipment Corporation in the 80s.