VTune™ Performance Analyzer Essentials

Measurement and Tuning Techniques for Software Developers
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Category: Programming
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A real challenge in modern software environments is the ability to properly identify performance bottlenecks. The Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer helps locate and remove software performance bottlenecks by collecting, analyzing, and displaying performance data from the system-wide level down to the source level.

VTune Performance Analyzer Essentials is written for software application developers, software architects, quality assurance testers, and system integrators who wish to take the guesswork out of software tuning. Much like diagnostic computers for tuning engines, or flashlights for seeing plumbing in the dark reaches of your basement, the tools within the VTune analyzer "illuminate" your system and everything running on it. This book is a guide to "turning on the lights" and understanding what you see.

Included are a wide range of examples and step-by-step techniques that illustrate the VTune analyzer in action. Topics include:

Hotspot hunting and automatic analysis
Software tuning guidelines for different languages, such as C++, Fortran, Java*, Microsoft* Visual Basic*, and Microsoft* C#
Automation of analysis tasks
Remote analysis techniques for "headless" servers, PDAs, and cell phones
How to analyze multithreaded programs

A special companion Web site to this book contains all code examples and bonus material, plus trial versions of Intel® software development products including the VTune Performance Analyzer.


"...a comprehensive approach to increasing software productivity using VTune... I highly recommend this book for novice and experienced programmers."

Malik S. Maxutov, Professor and Senior Lecturer, Moscow State Geological Prospecting University

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About the Author(s)

James Reinders

James Reinders is a senior engineer who has spent the past 16 years at Intel Corporation working on projects such as the world's first TeraFLOP supercomputer (ASCI Red) and on the compilers and architectures for the Pentium® Pro, Pentium II, Itanium®, Pentium® 4, and iWarp processors. James is currently the director of business development and marketing for Intel's Software Products Division and serves as the division's chief product evangelist.