Download free book: Managing Risk and Information Security

Download free book: Managing Risk and Information Security

Risk and Information Security  is a new book from Malcolm Harkins, Intel's Chief Information Security Officer. Harkins describes a fresh approach to information security, designed to help businesses become more agile while adapting to the rapidly changing technology and risk environment. 

Information technology now underlies almost every aspect of business operations and personal life. This means that the traditional information security focus on locking down information assets is no longer viable; restricting the flow of information and the adoption of technology can hinder the business’s ability to move quickly and remain competitive. Instead, the focus of information security must shift to enabling the business while managing and surviving risk.

Intel's CISO, Malcolm Harkins, describes strategies for achieving this goal. He discusses how businesses can take advantage of new technologies, such as the massive growth in Internet-enabled devices and social media technologies, while navigating the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

A must-read for CIOs, chief information security officers, IT managers, and others involved in managing risks to the enterprise.

The e-book is available for free in three formats. After you read it, please submit a review on Amazon and tell us how you liked it!


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