Dynamics of a Trusted Platform

Dynamics of a Trusted Platform

Security threats are increasing in volume, diversity, and sophistication at the same time that high-value, sensitive data is more commonly being generated, used, and stored on standard business PCs. While the traditional focus of network protection has been on servers and network access devices, these PCs are typically lightly protected, coupled with the fact that a compromised PC may offer the means to obtain access to servers and other network assets, these characteristics have created an incentive for hackers to focus their efforts on client computing platforms.

In Dynamics of a Trusted Platform David Grawrock has updated his highly popular Intel Safer Computing Initiative with new topics covering the latest developments in secure computing. The reader is introduced to the concept of Trusted Computing and the building block approach to designing security into PC platforms. The Intel® Trusted Execution Technology† (Intel® TXT) is one of those building blocks that can be used to create a trusted platform by integrating new security features and capabilities into the processor, chipset, and other platform components.

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