The perfect set of books for PC programmers

The perfect set of books for PC programmers

Push the performance envelope with insights from this library of software development books and get a 41% discount off the regular price.

In one set of books computer programmers get information on extracting greater performance from their software using compilers, integrated performance primitives, hyper-threading, manipulating algorithms and general parallel tuning techniques. As you and your colleagues look for ways on how to push the performance to the next level, this low priced set of books is the place to start your investigations.

The Programmer's Optimization Bookshelf includes:
- Multi-Core Programming
- Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology
- The Software Optimization Cookbook
- Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors
- The Software Vectorization Handbook
- VTune™ Performance Analyzer Essentials

List Price: $389.71
Sale Price: $229.00
You Save : $160.71 (41%)

Only $229.00. Grow your mind with Intel.

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