Weaving High Performance Multiprocessor Fabric

Weaving High Performance Multiprocessor Fabric

Weaving High Performance Multi-Processor Fabric introduces the Intel® QuickPath Interconnect, a high-speed, packetized, point-to-point system interconnect that uses multiple narrow high-speed links to stitch together processors into a fabric of a distributed shared memory-style platform architecture.

Compared with today’s wide Front Side Busses (FSB), the Intel QuickPath Interconnect offers higher bandwidth with coherency mechanisms that are optimized for low latency and high scalability. This book meets the needs of hardware design, validation and BIOS engineers in describing the compelling mix of performance and features in the Intel QuickPath Interconnect

"This book is relevant to what I do every day as it provides the high-level knowledge required to effectively understand the details of the Intel QuickPath Interconnect architecture."

- Scott Diesing – Director of Engineering, Cray, Inc.

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