Introduction to PCI Express*

A Hardware and Software Developer's Guide
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Table of Contents:

This book offers an introduction to PCI Express*, a new I/O technology for desktop, mobile, server and communications platforms designed to allow increasing levels of computer system performance.

Hardware and software developers will discover how to employ PCI Express technology to overcome the practical performance limits of existing multi-drop, parallel bus technology.

Introduction to PCI Express explains critical technical considerations that both hardware and software developers need to understand to take full advantage of PCI Express technology in next generation systems.

Learn about:

Metrics and criteria for developers and product planners to consider in adopting PCI Express.
Applications for desktop, mobile, server and communications platforms that will benefit significantly from PCI Express technology.
Implications for hardware and software developers of the layered architecture of PCI Express.
Features of PCI Express available in legacy software environments.
Comparison of features of PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI.
New form factors and mechanical designs enabled by PCI Express.

"Delivering this book today helps software and hardware developers get a jump-start on their development cycle that can decrease cycle that can decrease their time to market."

Ajay Kwatra, Engineer Stategist, Dell Computer Corporation

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About the Author(s)

Adam Wilen

Adam Wilen is a platform applications engineer at Intel, serving as a key point of contact for customers and technical field sales. Adam's expertise in PCI Express technology comes from his involvement in implementing Intel's first generation of PCI Express chipsets. Prior to his work on PCI Express technology, Adam developed graphics controllers and chipsets, with a specialization in graphics and display technologies.

Justin Schade

Justin Schade is an applications engineer for Intel, who interfaces directly with OEM customers wanting to take advantage of PCI Express technology. Justin is currently working to ensure developers have a smooth migration path to Intel's PCI Express chipsets. Justin has worked on a variety of next generation I/O controllers, with a specialization in design-in support.

Ron Thornburg

Ron Thornburg is a technology initiatives manager for Intel currently working directly with customers on the transition to PCI Express technology. Ron has performed a variety of roles within Intel including chipset applications support and product marketing for high density Ethernet controllers.